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All I have to say is if I don’t successful become a professional athlete ( ima try my darnest to make it ) if i dont im going to be the biggest business man known saying ” my teachers always tought me to look at my paper” while i count my money and sign checks


Yesterday Night…Branden Dawson tipped in a miss with less than six seconds left, and the No. 2 Spartans hung on for a 78-74 victory over top-ranked Kentucky and its latest cast of phenoms in the first game of the Champions Classic on Tuesday night.”We want to be No. 1 at the end of the season,”Keith Appling said. “Not the beginning.” Kentucky, too. After trailing by as much as 13 in the second half, looking like the freshmen most of them are, the Wildcats (2-1) showed why there’s so much hype surrounding them. Julius Randle almost beat the Spartans single-handedly, scoring 23 of his 27 points in the second half and making a jumper with 42 seconds left that cut Michigan State’s lead to 76-74.

(Next Game)Wiggins scored 16 of his 22 points in the second half, outplaying Parker down the stretch and helping the fifth-ranked Jayhawks knock off No. 4 Duke 94-83 on Tuesday night. “Big players make big plays,” Wiggins said. “I think our whole team, whoever was on the court, every possession we made a big play. That’s why we came out on top.” Parker, a former prep star at nearby Simeon High School, had 27 points, nine rebounds and two steals in a spectacular return to his hometown. But it was Wiggins who made the biggest plays in the final minutes of a taut thriller between two storied programs. Will This be the final four? Well Duke is my favorite and were going all the way.

They go undercover, infiltrate secretive hacking groups and occasionally even build personal profiles of their attackers everything short of physically hunting them down themselves. The old method of constructing defenses and waiting for a strike doesn’t cut it anymore, according to security professionals who advise Fortune 500 firms. Cyberattacks have gotten far more effective, especially now that hackers are increasingly being funded by foreign governments. Its good that people and the government is cracking down on this.hacking

The Red Cross says it has ordered 10,000 body bags in preparation for the number of bodies it believes it will have to retrieve. The official death toll, currently in the hundreds, is likely to grow quickly as rescue crews are better able to assess the situation. 4.2 million people who have been affected by the storm, many of them injured, thirsty or hungry. Even know its a storm and a big storm like this happens almost every year. Its still devasting to here that people have to suffer and die like this. My prayers go out to the people who lost someone and the people who are struggling to live there life.

Villagers in Hernani, Philippines, run toward government officials hoping for food November 11.

Activision must be one happy place to be right now. After the Call of Duty: Ghosts launch party on Monday night the game was launched at 00:01. Since then it has sold in excess of $1 billion (£622 million) worth of copies.The game is already ranked number one on Xbox Live and is the most pre-ordered title ever on US retailer GameStop. Activision, who is claiming the sales number, says over 15,000 shops opened at midnight on Monday to sell the game across the globe. I never would have thought that COD would beat GTA 5 this year but it did…most people saying this isn’t true but is it really true? Leave a comment in the description and read the link when you get a chance…

I’ve Got Mail…

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I’ve recently been getting some acceptance mail and i too the point where. Where should i go? Well lets see what i select later on down the road, High Point University, Pittsburgh University, Bloomsburg ,Howard University, Hampton, Millersville, and etc. Big expectations for next your..#striveforgreatness

Capt. Carl Gamble was behind the controls of Piedmont Airlines Flight 451 as the plane headed to Miami when a stewardess delivered a note from a passenger saying the flight was being hijacked. Gamble was an Air Force veteran who, exactly 15 years to the day of the hijacking, had been shot down in Vietnam. Over the plane’s intercom system, Gamble tried to negotiate with the hijacker, a pistol-wielding man dressed in black, who called himself “Lt. Spartacus.” Its surprising that he came back to America and he was also a ex black panther. Click link to read more about this interesting store.