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Five of the six men were arrested in Yonkers, N.Y., and are scheduled for arraignment Monday in Brooklyn federal court before Judge Robert Levy. Ferreira fled after learning his friends were arrested and remains a fugitive, according to officials.  14 defendants have gone on a ramp page  steal debit card account information, and withdraw unlimited amounts of cash from ATMs worldwide, the prosecutors said. They said that the New York Cell withdrew about $2.8 million in a matter of hours. It’s the second largest theft on record in New York City, surpassed only by the 1978 Lufthansa heist made famous in the movie “Goodfellas.” This is very crazy i didn’t expect to here this but thankful the government stopped and found the people. That’s a lot of stolen money just from cyber crime. In the picture below is a released photo of a suitcase stuffed with $800,000 in allegedly stolen cash.



They go undercover, infiltrate secretive hacking groups and occasionally even build personal profiles of their attackers everything short of physically hunting them down themselves. The old method of constructing defenses and waiting for a strike doesn’t cut it anymore, according to security professionals who advise Fortune 500 firms. Cyberattacks have gotten far more effective, especially now that hackers are increasingly being funded by foreign governments. Its good that people and the government is cracking down on this.hacking

The Obamacare website’s coding errors and security holes have raised concerns about the kind of information that could be stolen if the site were hacked. Hijacking the account of Obamacare applicants would yield their addresses, birth dates and phone numbers. (Until last week, getting that would have been relatively easy,  because of sloppy coding that left some of the website’s communication unencrypted.) Read more of the article at:


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The ad, which looks much like a normal Instagram post, will carry a designation as “sponsored” content.”We want ads to be creative and engaging,” the company said in an announcement. “We want to show ads from businesses that are interesting to you.” Instagram plans to help user activity in an effort to show more relevant ads. Users will be able to hide ads they aren’t interested in, and have the option to provide feedback. I’m interested in seeing what they have in stored. Its a short article just discussing whats going on and if you want to read its in my tag section of this post…

Ahrendts was hired for a new role at Apple, taking charge of retail and online stores and reporting to CEO Tim Cook. She will start in the middle of 2014. Apple did this improve its fortunes in China, a market in which Ahrendts has had great success in the past.Apple is one of the largest market outside the U.S., Apple has struggled in China. By joining Apple she’ll become one of the highest profile women executives in technology, alongside Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook and Marissa Mayer at Yahoo. Her departure will leave the U.K. with only two women at the top of FTSE 100 companies. Burberry and Apple stocks will rise in the future and I think their both going in the right direction into topping China. Link in the description if you want to read the article….

If you spend all your time in a web browser and don’t want to spend much on a typical computer, a Chromebook would be worth a closer look. Chromebooks start at around $200 but HP has different update. many other cheap Chromebooks feature so-so screens, HP’s model sports a nice-ish IPS (in-plane switching) screen for better viewing angles and more vivid color reproduction. The Chromebook can be charged with a micro-USB cable — the same kind used for most non-Apple smartphones. I think it is the a great idea and it would be successful as long as they come out with new features and good updates to make it better over time. 

Grand Theft Auto Online,  allows players to form gangs and complete new heists, is having some trouble getting the gamers online. Some gamers are experiencing server issues that have locked out some gamers and made it difficult for those who have gotten in to play the game. I hope they get this straight because alot of people like playing GTA 5 this year and this will make sells and people stop playing the game. Lets see if they an fix it soon.