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Gaming in a bundle

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Special Topic

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Activision must be one happy place to be right now. After the Call of Duty: Ghosts launch party on Monday night the game was launched at 00:01. Since then it has sold in excess of $1 billion (£622 million) worth of copies.The game is already ranked number one on Xbox Live and is the most pre-ordered title ever on US retailer GameStop. Activision, who is claiming the sales number, says over 15,000 shops opened at midnight on Monday to sell the game across the globe. I never would have thought that COD would beat GTA 5 this year but it did…most people saying this isn’t true but is it really true? Leave a comment in the description and read the link when you get a chance…

Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin has confirmed that Call of Duty: Ghost will run natively at 1080p on PlayStation 4, and is upscaled to 1080p from 720p on Xbox One. “We optimized each console to hit 60 FPS and the game looks great on both,” Rubin said.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Boxart

The reason why i picked gaming, is because it a lot of people in the gaming world and people love to play games. I want to inform you about the latest and biggest games that are coming out. Also GTA 5 has recently, set 7 Guinness Records in the past month that’s pretty amazing. Another game you should check out if you have ps3 is Beyond: 2 Souls, its similar to Heavy Rain but its better than that. The game features a girl who has an special ability name Adien that can control stuff. Go pick it up and enjoy the story, I’ve  played and its really good.  Go watch the videos and description in the tag section of my blog for more info…

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