Sony addresses PlayStation 4 ‘blue light of death

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Free Form

PS4, sold more than 1 million units in North America in its first 24 hours, according to Sony.But with any massive hardware roll out, some glitches are sure to surface. And the PS4 is no exception. Sony has addressed what some are calling the “blinking blue light of death,” an error that occurs when customers try to power up. “Just brought home my brand new PS4 and when (I) turn it on all it does is blink blue …,” one user wrote on Sony’s PlayStation support site. “I am overly upset that I spent most of my day waiting in line in the cold. Not a happy customer to say the least.” Sony had already acknowledged “a handful of people have reported issues” with their new console. The number of affected systems, Sony said, amounted to less than 0.4% of the units that have been shipped — or less than 4,000 out of 1 million. This not a surprise because Sony is gets hacked and glitched more than Microsoft. That’s why I will be sticking Xbox and Microsoft.


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